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A look at little things.

Getting back into it…

I like small things. Tiny things too. So I thought I’d share a few artists working with the small and tiny that I’ve found (actually, I knew them all before making my own miniatures, but that matters not).
There is Slinkachu and his “Little People: A Tiny Street Art Project. He appropriates and makes teeny tiny people and other objects (I think some are train-set models) and places them in the real world – as he says “Little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves.”. There are many, many works shown on his blog. And being street art, he only sells prints of them. This work is called “Cash Machine”,

Cash Machine by Slinkachu

And this is where it’s located:
Cash Machine by Slinkachu

I love his work so much! He says that he wanted to place it underneath an ATM, but they were too busy. I don’t really think it matters too much in this case – I like the idea of a cash machine in a dodgy alleyway, and the man not wanting to get mugged or something. Slinkachus works make me consider how a miniature fits into the real world, rather than sitting apart from it. The next tiny works are Snowglobes by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. I have no idea whether they actually make the globes, or whether they are just photographs, but either way they are bizarre and funny. This work is called ‘Traveler 135 at Night’. (Again, there are many more at their site)

Traveler 135 at night by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

Ricky Swallow makes absolutely amazing wood carvings, and also uses other materials with a great amount of skill. He has a series of miniature works with moving parts, using portable record players as motors and housings, named “Even the odd orbit”. This one is called “Rooftop shoot out with chimpanzee”, which is at the NGA, Canberra. The Chimp is in the orange jumpsuit, and he turns around, pointing his gun.

Rooftop Shootout With Chimpanzee by Ricky Swallow

These works make me think about how miniatures are set up in a gallery situation, and the use of found objects combined with built (to scale) environments.

I am thinking about making miniature people. And then the only miniature art I can find is predominantly about people, often using train set models like these:
Virtual Village - Pack of 100 Painted Model People 1:75 Railway Train Set

Which can be easily painted or modified (I assume, haha). But so far I have only made miniature objects myself. I’m not sure if it’s worth making my own people and objects – to keep my own “style” I suppose – and also to be able to choose my own scale. I might have to get some people models, and maybe some sculpey, and have afew tests to see which ones I like better. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with the cutest tiny food-related things I’ve seen in a while from Re-ment (which I actually found on Bake and Destroy – I admit it, I love food blogs!).

1. High-End Sushi from Re-ment

Gourmet Market in Department Stores at Re-ment

Sooo cute!

– Lydia


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