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More Purty Pictures.

Okay, so this is an image-heavy post, because I’m doing enough writing as it is, between Art Theory essays and Honours Proposals…
Anyway, this is some more of the work in ‘Japan Series 1’ – the Gashapon/Capsule Toy work. They will be set up in these steel ‘chute’ devices coming out of the wall, evenly spaced. The chutes are yet to be painted – either black, gunmetal grey, or silver. Didn’t get them done in time to chrome them :(.

Detail of Japan Series 1 by Lydia Ashe on Flickr.

This one is a costume-themed hentai manga. Pretty much a ‘dirty bunny-girl comic’, haha. I made all these out of air drying clay, and hand painted every detail on the damned tiny things. For a size reference, each capsule is about 6-7cm in diameter, and maybe 8cm tall.

Detail of Japan Series 1 by Lydia Ashe on Flickr. Detail of Japan Series 1 by Lydia Ashe on Flickr.

In these two there are some absolutely rad earphones with stars on them – we saw some pink versions of these on a very cute girl and a friend of mine picked some up as a souvenir – and there are also some sandwiches. Ham, cheese and lettuce with wasabi mayo on one, and an egg ‘salad’ for the other. With no crusts on.

Detail of Japan Series 1 by Lydia Ashe on Flickr.

And here is some sushi! Yay! And a slightly better view of the chute. My goodness this one was tiny.

Sushi by Lydia Ashe on Flickr.

And some more sushi! Yaaayy! These are actually a work continuing from my inflatables. Though instead of being inflated, these ones are stuffed with polyester filling. And comparatively, these are much smaller. For example, the ebi/prawn is about 20cm long, and the square one is about 15cm.. uh, square. These should turn out to be a series, less than 10 pieces, probably on plinths or something, haha.

There are some more details and afew more pictures of  all these things on my Flickr site.



Japan! It happened!

I got back from my Japan trip one week ago. It’s amazing the habits you pick up in less than three weeks of being away from home. I’ve gotten used to my loo’s flush button again, as well as eating with a knife and fork. I haven’t stopped nodding my head when I thank people or excuse myself, and I have been feeling the need to take off my shoes indoors.

One good thing is that I’ve gotten ideas for my work back here. You know capsule toys, or Gashapon?

Giant line of Gashapon machines.

These are Gashapon machines. You stick your ~100-500 yen in, turn the knob, and out comes your capsule toy! I never saw this many in one place, but Cabel at Cabel’s Blog lol did. I wish I had!

Image of Capsule Toy by mock-turtle

This is what the capsules themselves look like (picture taken by mock-turtle on Flickr).
Anyway – the capsules – I loves them. I got a lot of them as presents – mostly Evangelion, Legend of Zelda, and Mario ones. Ok, a couple of Hello Kitty ones too.. So I ended up with quite a few of the actual capsules sitting around. Pretty much, I decided to make tiny things to put inside them. The objects will be things I noticed in Japan, that were either ‘different’, or just interesting. Like the loaves of bread, white gloves, parasols, and toilet slippers. I think another series will be scenes I remember – such as the trains, temples, and bathrooms.

I’m going to have to write a few entries to make up for not writing while I was away. We stayed at Kyoto Seika University’s International ‘dorm’ called the Dohokan. The computer there was almost a dinosaur – technically not from this century/millennium anyway. It couldn’t deal with wordpress, facebook, ipods or most cameras. So my photo-contingency plan of offloading them onto something else didn’t work. And my blog-post-every-few-days plan didn’t work either. Oh well. Soon enough I will have lovely photos to talk about. But here’s a video I found of rain, from a view at the Dohokan (taken by a previous student staying there – Nick, aka Kiloburn). I think my room was the one directly upstairs. I remember that view, and stairs! How nostalgic for me!

Will be backtracking, and writing more posts about the Japan trip in the near future.

– Lydia

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