So what am I doing now?

Currently in Sculpture I am working on a piece to do with my upcoming trip to Japan. It’s inflatable, and it’s cute. I shall explain:

At the beginning of the year I went on a trip to Melbourne with a friend to visit my brother. We went to a dress up birthday party one night (Wrestle-mania themed, but we dressed up as a pirate band – of course!). We played our instruments (a recorder, drum, and accordion), danced and got tipsy, then started contemplating the serious questions (as you do at a dress up party).
What did we really want to make at school this year?

Turns out I really wanted to make giant inflatable sushi. Yes. Inflatable Sushi.

Well, that didn’t really explain much, so here goes:
I originally saw some very very cute things like this crochet sushi (by NeedleNoodles on Etsy), and sushi pillows on the web.

Crochet Amigurumi Sushi by NeedleNoodles on Etsy

And so I thought I needed my own soft sushi to cuddle. I mostly wanted to make cushions or pillows from fabric because I can’t crochet. Then I suppose I thought about it developing into art, and about scale, and materials. At first it was going to be cardboard sushi houses – to live in for a couple of days as ‘performance’. Then I thought inflatable would be much more fun. Hmm, I’ll go into some more of that thinking process in another post.

So, with the inflatable sushi, first off I had to see if my idea was viable. I tend to think of things that just aren’t practical. It was a great relief when I found this awesome site called AKAirways. It documents many inflatable projects from designs and ideas through to making, completion and display. It doesn’t expressly show you how to make ‘bubbles’ from start to finish, but there are some handy diagrams, short explanations, as well as informative process pictures and videos.

Inflatable work with AKAirways logo.

Bubble Head by AKAirways.

And I found it is true that you can make an inflatable with just some garbage bags, an iron, wax paper, and a fan. But now I have moved on to clear polyethylene scrap sheeting and a soldering iron. Soon enough I’ll get some new sheeting, and maybe even have a go with shower curtains. I will need to get some substantial things done in the next week, because I have a crit next Wednesday – eep!

I will take some process pictures between now and then, and post them to show you what on earth I’m on about.



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